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Preserving Meat, Fish, Poultry and Making Jerky – Sep 6, 6-8pm

The last class of the “You Can!” summer preservation series, teaches you the in’s and out’s of preserving meat, fish, poultry and making jerky using pressure canning, drying and freezing.

Learn the latest proper and safe techniques of preserving your bounty using the recommended tools and processes.

Part 8 of an 8 part series of classes presented by WSU Clark County Extension, this is the final class for the summer.  Cost:  $20 plus small service fee.  Register on line.

For more info and to register for THIS CLASS:

For general information on preservation and other related topics, check here:

How do you freeze blackberries? Best way to preserve fish?  Or another food safety question?  Where can I get my pressure canner tested?  Food Preservation and Food Safety hotline number:

Do you want to become a Master Food Preserver and teach others preservation techniques?  More info:

[Image:  WSU





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