Plant Sale

The 2018 Plant Sale is OVER.

Thank you for your patronage and we hope to see you at next year‘s sale – May 18, 2019!

If you’re curious about what one of our plant sales is like, feel free to browse below to check out what our previous Plant Sale (May 19, 2018) was like.

Every year is a little bit different.  All our plants come from our member’s gardens, yards and greenhouses, so, each year is unique.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

We are ready !  See you tomorrow!

Bay tree needs a good home, garden  cart, trellises, along with lots of hydrangeas, wine grapes, rhubarb and specialty plants.

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[Image: B. Rider]


Pricing chart

Tips to help you sail through our Sale

When you enter the sale a member will offer you a shopping box for your selections.  You will notice all the plants are color coded according to the schedule to the left.  Specialty items have a white tag (in addition to a plant tag) with a price.

We have a holding area, members to assist you in plant selection,  and scouts to help get your purchases to your vehicle

CASH or CHECKS, please – we are not set up for cards

Thank you in advance and enjoy


[image:  Millenium Farms]

Tomato Varieties

These are some of the varieties that we will have at the sale.  Due to our cold and wet spring, some of them are just babies, but they will catch up quickly with sun and heat.

Manyel– Heirloom – 78 days to harvest – lemon yellow with large 3” round fruits, mildly sweet and juicy – name means “many moons”


Sungold65 days to harvest – orange cherry tomatoes – great snacking


Big RainbowHeirloom – 90 days to harvest – yellow with red swirls – large 2 lb. fruits


Jelly Bean Grape66 days to harvest – sweet – great for salad and snacking


Green Zebra – Bred from 4 heirlooms – 75 days to harvest


Black Vernissage– Heirloom – 75 days to harvest – deep mahogany with green stripes – good for sauces


Brandywine – Heirloom – 85 days to maturity – pink beefsteak like tomato


Roma– Plum tomato – 73-80 days to harvest – great for canning and tomato paste


Black Krim– Heirloom from the Black Sea Crimean area – 70-80 days to harvest


Baxter’s Bush – Cherry tomato – 70 days to harvest – good in containers


Independence Day– Salad tomato – 55 days to harvest

Partial Plant Sale List !

The below list requires Adobe Reader to open.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your Phone or Computer, go here to download the app first:

PDF (Adobe format):

 2018 Plant Sale


Voodoo lily SP

Voodoo Lily  – aka “Mr. Stinky” – one of our more unusual plants for sale.

Shade/Part Shade Perennials # Sun/Part Sun Perennials # Sun/Part Sun Perennials (cont) #
Arisaema, Jack in the Pulpit 2 Agapanthus 1 Iris, Siberian 5
Betalin 6 Anemone, Japanese 2 Iris, variegated leaf 3
Brunnera 4 Artemisia lactiflora 5 Iris, variegated leaf 3
Brunnera, Alexander’s Great 12 Aster, Fall Blooming 5 Ivy, Swedish, coleoides variegata 5
Brunnera, Jack Frost 5 Asters  13 Joe Pyeweed 1
Corydalis, Lutea 2 Bachelor Buttons, perennial 2 Lamb’s Ear 1
Corydalis, lutea 2 Beach Daisy 1 Lamium 5
Helleborus 117 Bee balm, golden 3 Lavendar 2
Heuchera, yellow 8 Bee balm, red 18 Liatris  
Hosta 15 Black Brass Buttons 2 Lilies 18
Hosta, mini 20 Centaura 3 Meadow Rue 3
Hosta, Stiletto 9   Chrysanthemum, rosy pink 5 Milkweed, showy pink 3
Hosta, Variegated 7 Columbine  15 Monarda, deep pink 5
Jack in the Pulpit 2 Columbine, double purple 5 Monarda,Red, Jacob Kline 9
Ligularia   Coreopsis, yellow 18 Monkshood 8
Lily, Himalayan 7 Daisy, Shasta  4 Obedient Plant, pink 7
Mukdenia 6 Daisy, Shasta, double 10 Penstemon  3
Mukdenia 6 Daylilies 9 Penstemon, Cathedral Hot Rose 2
Podophyllum 13 Echinacea, asst. 9 Persicaria 5
Pulmonaria 1 Eucomis 1 Phlomis, Jerusalem Sage 5
Saxifrage, London pride 5 Fennel, bronze 1 Phlox, David White  
Spiderwort, Tradescantia, blue 5 Foxglove 6 Phlox, garden 5
Sweet Woodruff 5 Fuchsia, Hardy, President Roosevelt 3 Phlox, white or pink 25
Toad Lily 20 Gaura, Passionate Rainbow 12 Poker plant, small flowered 7
Tradescantia, spiderwort 2 Geranium, Hardy 1 Poppy, Asian 3
Trillium 14 Hardy Geranium, (dark wine bloom) 5 Poppy, Asian 3
Trillium 14 Goldenrod 5 Poppy, orange 1
Turtles Head, Chelone  10 Heliopsis, False sunflower 6 Queen of the Prairie 21
Voodoo Lily 2 Heuchera, bronze/red 35 Rudbeckia 12
Lady’s Mantle 23 Hollyhock 6 Schistostylis, Kaffir Lily Red 5
    Honeysuckle vine 1 Sea Holly 1
    Honeysuckle vine 1 Sunflowers, Perennial 1
    Hostas, mini   Verbascum 1
    Iris 2 Yarrow, pink 2
    Iris, Bearded 10 Yarrow, yellow 1
    Iris, beardless 10    
Trees/Shrubs/Vines/Ground Covers # Native Plants # Vegetables #
Beauty bush 2 Bleeding Heart, Western, Dicentra formosa 21 Artichoke,  4
Burning Bush, Dwarf 1 Douglas Fir, seedling 1 Bok Choy, baby 4
Callicarpa dichotoma, beauty berry ‘Isaii’ 10 Fringecup 14 Chard 12
Caryopteris, Worcestershire Gold 1 Miner’s Lettuce, Claytonia Sibirica 2 Kale, Russian 16
Dogwood tree 2 Pacific Wax Myrtle 2 Rhubarb 4
Dogwood, Red Twig, dwarf, variegated 1 Snowberry, Symphoricarpos albus  4 Annuals #
False indigo, baptismia 1 Solomon’s Seal, False 8 Cosmos, Lemonade 12
Fir Tree, 3′ 1 Sorrel, Redwood 2 Silver Dollar, Lunaria 2
Harlequin Glorybower 3 Sword Fern 4 Snap dragon 4
Holly, Sky Penciil 1 Twisted stalk 23 Sunflower, assorted 10
Hydrangea Macrophylla, Mariesii Variegata 1 Verbena, tall white 1 Zinnia, assorted 12
Hydrangea, Annabella 2 Succulents # Herbs #
Hydrangea, white mop head 6 Hens & Chicks, Sempervivum, assorted 16 Basil, Cinnamon 6
Kerria 2 Sedum, assorted 20 Basil, mammoth 6
Lilac 1 Sedum, Assorted 13 Hyssop 5
Magnolia, Ashei 1 Sedum, Autumn Joy 6 Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis 19
Maple, Japanese 3 Stonecrop, pink 9 Oregano 10
Peony, pink 1 Grasses # Parsley, curly 8
Peony, unknown 2 Black Mondo Grass 8 Parsley, flat leaf Italian 8
Pieris, andromeda 1 Hakonechloa, yellow stripe 4 Salad burnet 1
Pine, Golden ghost 1 Japanese Blood Grass 17 House plants #
Pussy Willow 2 Maiden grass, dwarf 10 Billbergia Nutans 4
Redbud tree 2 Mexican Feather Grass, 4″ 3 Crassula falcala, propeller plant 1
Rose of Sharon, single lavendar, dark center 1 Northern Sea Oats 13 Echeveria 12
Shore Pine 1 Japanese Forest Grass, Hakonechloa 5 Jade plant 13
Spirea, Semi-false 5 Fruits # Mother-in-law Plant 1
St. John’s Wort, Hypericum Inodorum, Kolmarest 1 Blackberries, thornless, Triple Crown 3    
Sumac, Tiger eye 3 Raspberry, Heritage 6    
Sweetspire, Little Henry 3 Strawberries, June bearing 50    
Wisteria 1 Strawberry, Arctic 3    
Ajuga reptans, Variegata 12 Strawberry, everbearing 50    
Ajuga reptans, Burgandy Glow 13 Strawberry, Eversweet 4    
Chameleon plant, houttuynia cordata 38 Tomato, Bush Champion    11    
Hypericum calcinum, St. John’s Wort 4 Tomato, La Roma 11    
    Tomatoes, assorted 100

THREE unique RAFFLE PRIZES this year – $1/Ticket!

The club has three different and highly unique RAFFLE PRIZES this year.  Buy ticket(s) for the one(s) you want to win! You need not be present to win, but, tickets are only sold DURING the plant sale hours 9am-3pm, Saturday, May 19th.

Two are one-of-a-kind pieces of “saw art” created and donated by Dan Reude, owner of  “Dan’s Top Notch Heating & Cooling” in Washougal, from heavy duty saw blades.  We’ve dubbed them as the “Covered Bridge” and the “Fireball”.  These will be on display during the sale. 

The third prize is a lovely solar globe that gathers energy from the sun during the day, then softly glows at night in your garden, purchased by club member L.F.




We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Address:  706 NE 14th Ave., Camas, WA 98607

(basement of the Camas United Methodist Church)

FREE Parking:  on the street & church parking lot; please do NOT park in nearby store parking lot – thx!

Loading/Unloading/Disabled:  in church parking lot.

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Cash or checks only.  No credit or debit cards.

Don’t forget, the money earned from the annual Plant Sale goes back into our local communities – check the “WHAT WE DO” and “GRANTS” tabs at the top of our web page to learn more.