Plant Sale

UPDATED April 28, 2020, 4:22pm:

2020 Spring Plant Sale CANCELED.

We regret to announce that the “Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal” has CANCELED the 2020 Plant Sale.

It will NOT be taking place on June 20, 2020 as we had hoped.

We look forward to seeing you all spring of 2021!

We will be over-summering and over-wintering many of our all-ready-potted-up perennials and plan to pot up lots more of your favorite annuals for spring of 2021.

On the plus side, we are all very lucky to live in an area that has so many commercial nurseries, garden centers, hardware stores, grocery stores and mail order businesses that are OPEN and STILL selling seeds and plants!  In addition to in-store sales, many offer pickup and delivery to help you meet your gardening needs and desires.

Thank you for your patronage all these many years and we hope to see you again in 2021!

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Our May 2019 Plant Sale is over.

Thank you for your patronage!  If you are curious what our annual plant sale is like, please feel free to scroll below to see what our last one was like.  Hope to see you in 2020!


2019 (past) Plant List is HERE!

(Scroll Down to download or read it!)

May 18, 2019, 9am-3pm, get top-quality plants at incredibly low prices at the Annual Plant Sale of the “Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal” (CGCCW).

On May 18, head to the Camas United Methodist Church, 706 NE 14th Ave., Camas, WA.   There’s plenty of parking in the church parking lot and adjacent streets. Shopping is indoors.  Check or cash only.

The plants—coming straight from some great private gardens in Clark County—are nurtured in quality potting soil, and cost a fraction of what you would pay retail. Plus, there will be a great raffle prize!

If you have questions about how to care for your new plants, we will have expert gardeners on hand to help you.

CGCCW is a non-profit 501c(4) organization and focuses Plant Sale proceeds towards promoting and supporting local gardening education projects and grants. We welcome new members.

Learn more about us and what we do at and


(The number listed after each plant is what we anticipate will be on hand Saturday at 9am, but, numbers can fluctuate higher or lower.)

Adobe PDF Format:

Here is the “PDF” file format:    2019 Plant Sale List

(If you cannot view the file, you may need to download the FREE Adobe PDF reader.  Be sure to select the FREE version of the downloadable tool at this address:  )


Text List Format:


Ajuga         10
Aster, White Wood    1
Astilbe, assorted   23
Astrantia           10
Bellis perennis , English Daisy/Lawn Daisy   3
Bergenia            14
Brunnera             3
Brunnera, Alexander’s   10
Brunnera, Jack Frost     5
Cardiocrinum giganteum, Himalayan   4
Cyclamen, pink      7
Fern, assorted     13
Forget-me-not     26
Foxglove            4
Helleborus, assorted    52
Heuchera, various colors   82
Hosta, assorted           108
Hosta, Great Expectations   6
Hosta, Guacamole     3
Hosta, mini         13
Hosta, Stile         9
Hosta, Variegated    4
Lady’s Mantle, Alchemilla mollis 15
Ligularia           10
Ligularia, dentate, orange   12
Meadow Rue, mini     3
Monkshood, blue     16
Oxalis    16
Pachyphragma macrophyllym, white   3
Podophyllum, pleianthemum          3
Primrose  18
Primula, Japanese, Primula kisoana  6
Pulmonaria, Lungwort  23
Saxifraga    56
Solomon’s Seal, Dwarf , polygonatum humili 3
Sweet Woodruff   19
Toad Lily        17
Tradescantia, spiderwort   25
Trillium, assorted   26
Turtles Head, Chelone  19
Violet  2
Violet, freckled white with purple  3
Wood hyacinth, Hyacinthoides hispanica  3







Anemone x lesseri    7
Anemone, Japanese   20
Artemisia lactiflora   20
Aster, assorted        34
Aster, Pink    7
Aster, Fall Blooming   23
Begonia, Hardy    5
Campanula, Cathedral Bells   3
Campanula, Pink Octopus      7
Celandine Poppy, yellow     14
Chrysanthemums, yellow      27
Columbine    20
Columbine, purple  8
Coreopsis    15
Coreopsis, moonbeam   4
Crocosmia    12
Crocosmia, Norwich Canary   17
Dahlia tuber, Bride to Be   10
Dahlia tuber, Double trouble     10
Dahlia tuber, Herbert Smith       4
Dahlia tuber, Irish blackheart    5
Dahlia tuber, light pink, small pom pom   8
Dahlia tuber, Mystic   1
Dahlia tuber, red semi-cactus    lots!
Dahlia tuber, Smarty Pants  8
Dahlia tuber, white with lavender tips, cactus 4
Daisy, Painted   4
Daisy, Shasta leucanthemum    14
Daisy, Shasta, Old Court      15
Daylily, Assorted              6
Daylily, double orange   4
Daylily, Grape Magic    18
Daylily, Sebastian      12
Daylily, Siloam Red Ruby      46
Daylily, Stella d’Oro         15
Echinacea, pink         37
Fuchsia, Cameron Ryle  5
Fuchsia, Double Otto   5
Fuchsia, Glenby        5
Gaura, white   4
Geranium, assorted colors    15
Geranium, Cranesbill    28
Geranium, Plum, Hardy   13
Goldenrod, Fireworks    8
Helianthus    43
Hops, Humulus lupulus
(Olympia, Nugget, Mt. Hood, Columbia, Cascade)  20
Iris, Bearded    14
Iris, Dirigo      2
Iris, Japanese   6
Iris, Louisiana     15
Iris, Mini        1
Iris, Siberian, blue   9
Iris, yellow old fashioned   10
Jupiter’s Beard  1
Kaffir Lily, rose pink        6
Knifophia, Pumpkin Bodacioius  8
Lamb’s Ear, Stachys byzantine  8
Liatris    12
Lily, Asiatic, pink & white    1
Lobelia     5
Monarda Flame    25
Monarda, Blue Stocking   7
Monarda, Red   53
Penstemon, Juan Jose   11
Penstemon, Minaret Purple    4
Penstemon, pink             22
Penstemon, pink with white center  13
Persicaria   1
Phlomis, Jerusalem Sage   27
Phlox, Assorted           19
Phlox, pink   7
Red Hot Poker, Kniphofia      8
Rose Campion, lychnis coronaria     3
Rudbeckia hirta hybrids           115
Sage, Russian  5
Salvia   7
Sea Holly      2
Silene, Pink  12
Sunflower, double yellow   8
Verbena, tall, purple      2
Veronica, light blue       3







Sedum, Autumn Joy   11
Sedum Lemon Ball     8
Sedum/sempervivum, Assorted   61
Stonecrop, matrona   4
Stonecrop, pink     14
Stonecrop, assorted    48

Assorted Grasses   8
Black Mondo Grass  19
Japanese Blood Grass  5
Japanese Forest Grass, Hakonechloa, yellow    11
Maiden grass, dwarf, Miscanthus sinensis      15
Mexican Feather Grass   6

Blackberries, thornless, Triple Crown  6
Raspberry   8
Raspberry, Heritage    9
Strawberry, everbearing   10
Strawberry   138

Peas, Little Marvel     3
Peas, Green Arrow (traypacks)  8
Rhubarb   25
Squash, Butternut   25
Tomatoes   3
Tomatoes, Bush Beefsteak   65
Tomatoes, Roma             35
Wasabi, Eutrema japonicum, Japanese  4

Chives                   15
Chives, Chinese                                2
Cilantro                                10
Lavender             1
Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis 23
Mint, Cuban       5
Oregano, Golden             1
Parsley                 5
Peppermint        4
Rosemary            1
Salad Burnet      9

Hoya      1
Jade Plant           9
Swedish Ivy        1
ZZ plant, zamioculcas zamiifolia  1

Ajuga reptans variegated             18
Burning Bush, Dwarf       1
Clematis, Nelly Moser    1
Creeping Charlie               22
Cypress, Elkhorn              1
Deutzia, Dwarf, Cherry Blossom                3
Dogwood, tri-color with yellow stems    7
Fir Tree, 3′           9
Forsythia             4
Hydrangea          6
Hydrangea Macrophylla, Mariesii              3
Hydrangea, Annabelle, white     4
Hydrangea, Kardinal       2
Hydrangea, Let’s Dance                 1
Hydrangea, Niko              3
Hydrangea, Pink Diamond            4
Kerria    5
Lilac        1
Maple, Japanese, 2nd year          4
Mimosa tree      1
Mock Orange, Desert     1
Peanut Butter tree          1
Peony, pink        7
Rose of Sharon, single lavendar, dark     2
Rubus calcynoides Creeping Raspberry  15
Spirea, False       19
Sweetspire, Little Henry                               2
Viburnam, pink                 1
Vinca     3
Willow, curly      1
Wintergreen, creeping Gaultheria            10

Love-In-A-Mist    12
Nicotiana          4
Silver Dollar, Lunaria (bi-annual)    2

Bleeding Heart, Western, Dicentra    28
Blue-eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium californimum   6
Fringecup    6
Goldenrod, Solidago Canadensis   10
Indian Plum, Osoberry    1
Iris, Douglas    10
Lily of the Valley, false  8
Miner’s Lettuce, Claytonia Sibirica (edible)   7
Miner’s Lettuce, Claytonia Perfoliata (edible)  2
Monkey Flower, Mimulus guttatus    3
Nodding Onion, Allium cernuum      4
Snowberry, Symphoricarpos albus    7
Sword Fern, Western   9
Tiger lily, double    3
Trillium kurabayashii    6
Trillium ovatum         20







Monarda (Bee Balm) is a hummingbird magnet! You will find the traditional red as well as purple at our plant sale.














Not only will you find beautiful plants at incredible prices, but we will also have an assortment of pots and other garden items available for sale.














We have a huge selection of Hostas and other shade loving plants such as hellebores, heucheras as well as natives for our plant sale.

























































Many plant sales had trilliums, but if you missed out, look no further! We have them for our sale this year. They are beginning to go dormant, but plant them in your garden and be rewarded next spring with this beautiful, easy care native plant. A Great Plant Pick and a great addition to any garden.















Are you looking to attract more bees, butterflies, and birds to your garden? We have you covered!  Here is just a small sample of some of the great plants you will find at our plant sale.  (Autumn Joy Sedum in bloom; Goldenrod; Perennial Sunflower, Artemisia lactiflora, Coreopsis, Rudbeckia, and Echinacea; and stunning Rudbeckia along a path.