Plant Sale

The (2017) Annual Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal’s Plant Sale HAS PASSED.

May 20, 2017, Saturday, 9am-3pm.

Thank you loyal and new customers!  We hope to see you next year at our May 2018 Plant Sale.  Enjoy the summer, fall and winter, and we’ll see you next year!

Every year is something a little bit different, but, read below to see what a typical Plant Sale at our garden club’s sale is like!


We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Address:  706 NE 14th Ave., Camas, WA 98607

(basement of the Camas United Methodist Church)

FREE Parking:  on the street & church parking lot; please do NOT park in nearby store parking lot – thx!

Loading/Unloading/Disabled:  in church parking lot.

Google Map Location:

Cash or checks only.  No credit or debit cards.

Plant List BELOW – scroll down.

Don’t forget, the money earned from the annual Plant Sale goes back into our local communities – check the “WHAT WE DO” and “GRANTS” tabs at the top of our web page to learn more.

We have a HUGE hanging basket for this year’s raffle prize.  (You need not be present to win.) 

We will have OVER 2000 plants and over 130 varieties for you to choose from this year!  Join us and go home with plants that are proven to grow well in Clark County – since most of them come from our yards and gardens or are from seed sources we’ve used reliably year after year! 

Most prices are between 50c – $3, though some special plants run more.

Looking for tomatoes?  We’ve got ’em!   Beefsteak, Bonny Best, Bush Champion, Celebrity, Comstock, Early Girl, Juliet, La Roma, Old German, Oregon Spring, Sungold, Super Sweet 100.

Tomatoes [Photo: MN]

Fruits?  Thornless blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries for a start.

And of course we have native plants, succulents (cacti), trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

Or maybe you’re ready to try something a little off the beaten path?  Okra (sorry, the okra babies weren’t old enough this season at plant sale time – we’ll try again next year), hops (ready!), rhubarb, voodoo lily, clumping bamboo, hydrangea, burning bush, fleabane, flapjackhens and chicks, toad lily or turtle’s head.

OK, enough chatter!  Below are two ways to look at the list; either open the PDF file format labeled “2017 Plant List, ALL” in RED, OR, scroll further down for the looooooongg text list of the plants.

THE BIG LIST (PDF format): 

   2017 Plant List, All

If you can’t open the above PDF file named “2017 Plant List, All”, you may need to download a tool. You may install it for free (follow the directions) from the offical Adobe page url below:

THE BIG LIST (text format):

Cosmos, Bright Lights     8
Cosmos, Cupcake            1
Hollyhock, Mixed Double
Marigold, asst.
Marigold, Bonanza mix 6
Marigold, Lemon Gem   5
Marigold, Red Gem         4
Marigold, Tall     1
Sunflower, Evening sun                3
Sunflower, Mammoth   22
Sunflower, Teddy bear 12
Zinnia, assorted
Zinnia, Big tetra mix        5
Zinnia, Envy        2
Zinnia, Exquisite               4
Zinnia, Giant flowered mix           5
Zinnia, Sahara starlight   4
Zinnia, Starlight
Zinnia, State Fair mix

Shade/Part Shade Perennials  
Arithuscus    5
Aster divaricatus, Wood Aster    7
Astilbe, Chinese dark burgundy    3
Astilbe, pink    3
Begonia, hardy    4
Begonia, Strawberry    6
Brunnera    8
Brunnera, Alexander’s Great seedlings    3
Brunnera, Jack Frost seedlings    3
Cyclaman, lavendar    1
Fern     3
Fern, Himalayan Maidenhair, Adiantum venusrtum    10
Ferns, assorted    10
Feverfew    4
Hellebore    23
Hosta    57
Hosta, Blue-ribbed, slug resistant 11    11
Hosta, Dwarf variegated    3
Hosta, Fragrant Bouquet
Hosta, Guacamole    1
Hosta, Patriot
Hosta, Ribbed green, yellow edge    7
Hosta, Stiletto 9    9
Hosta, Variegated    5
Ladies Mantle    7
Ligularia    5
Podophyllum    13
Polemonium, Jacob’s ladder    5
Primula sieboldii, Red Form    6
Pulmonaria    18
Saxifrage, London pride    8
Solomon’s Seal, Polgonatum, variegated    4
Spiderwort, Tradescantia    7
Sum and Substance    2
Sweet Woodruff    10
Toad Lily    6
Turtles Head, Chelone     5
Violets, purple foliage & flower     6

Ajuga    4
Allium, Drumstick    10
Anemones    9
Artemesia, silver    5
Artemisia lactiflora    21
Aster, Fall Blooming    1
Aster, Tall Purple    3
Asters     15
Astilbes    4
Black Brass Buttons    34
Blue Eyed grass    4
Canna     5
Cape Fuchsia, pink    7
Catmint, Nepeta, Walker’s Low    21
Columbine     31
Columbine, Black Barlow    4
Columbine, purple & maroon    35
Coreopsis, Moonbeam    4
Coreopsis, yellow    9
Corydalis    2
Creeping Jenny    9
Daisy, English    4
Daisy, Shasta     20
Daisy, Shasta, Esther Reed    15
Daylilies    28
Daylily, Stella    9
Echinacea, pink    2
Echinacea, purple     12
Echinops    1
Eupatorium, chocolate    3
Euphorbia, Tiny Tim    6
Fuchsia, Hardy, Golden Gate    1
Geranium, Hardy    16
Geranium, Hardy, Lavendar    6
Hardy Geranium, (dark wine bloom)    16
Helianthus, dbl yellow (perennial sunflower)    7
Heuchera    7
Horseradish, False    3
Hostas, mini    12
Iris    29
Iris, Bearded    12
Iris, Japanese    33
Iris, Old fashioned bearded    3
Iris, purple    7
Iris, Siberian, Caesar’s Brother, blue    7
Ivy, Swedish, coleoides variegata    15
Lady’s Mantle    20
Lamb’s Ear    10
Lamium    1
Lamium, yellow foliage    6
Lavendar    15
Liatris    5
Lilies    4
Lilies, Asiatic, orange    10
Lilies, Asiatic, red    2
Lobelia     10
Monarda, Flame (pink)    26
Monarda, Purple    10
Monarda,Red    14
Monkshood    12
Penstemon    1
Peony, assorted    23
Peony, Heidi    3
Peony, Raspberry Sundae    4
Persicaria, Painter’s Palette    1
Phlomis    16
Phlox, David White    6
Phlox, lavender, Eva Cullum    9
Phlox, purple    7
Phlox, white or pink    16
Phlox, yellow    2
Poker plant, small flowered    8
Poppy    7
Primrose, Evening, 1-gal    5
Queen of the Prairie    8
Rose Campion    14
Rudbeckia    30
Rudbeckia, short    12
Sage, Russian    5
Spiderwort, blue    16
Stachys Byzantine, Helen von Stein    21
Sunflowers, Perennial    9
Verbascum    5
Verbena bonariensis    3
Veronica    4
Violets – 3 1-gal, 2 4-in.    5
Yarrow, yellow    6

Native Plants    
Bleeding Heart, Western, Dicentra formosa    32
Douglas Fir, seedling    1
Fleabane    2
Hawthorne, native
Joe Pye Weed, Eutrochium    1
Lily-of-the-valley, False, Maianthemum dilatatum,     12
Maple, Vine    1
Miner’s Lettuce, Claytonia Perfoliata    1
Miner’s Lettuce, Claytonia Sibirica    1
Osoberry, Indian Plum, Oemiaria cerasiformis
Snowberry, Symphoricarpos albus     4
Solomon’s Seal, False,1-gal    5
Sword Fern, Polystichum munitum    5
Tiger Lilies, Columbia  1-gal (3 bulbs in each)    10

Hens & Chicks, Sempervivum, assorted    65
Kalanchoe, Flapjack    4
Sedum, Assorted    19
Sedum, Autumn Joy    12
Sedum, Donkey Tail    32
Sedum, shade    4

Black Mondo Grass    2
Blue Fescue    4
Brown grass    1
Carex, evergreen
Carex, Luza Aurea    6
Fountain Grass    4
Japanese Blood Grass    1
Northern Sea Oats    15
Sweet Flag    10
Twisted Arrow    1
Zebra Grass    1

Alaska Yellow Cedar, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis    2
Azalea, Karen    1
Bamboo, clumping    1
Burning Bush, Dwarf    1
Dogwood, Red Twig, Midwinter Fire    1
Empress, pawlownia (invasive?)
Hydrangea    2
Hydrangea Macrophylla, Mariesii Variegata    9
Hydrangea, Climbing    4
Hydrangea, Mop Head    1
Hydrangea, Oak Leaf    1
Lilac    2
Maple, Japanese    6
Spirea, Semi-false    7

Blackberries, thornless    2
Raspberry    6
Raspberry, Heritage    1
Raspberry, Miniature everbearing red    10
Strawberries, June bearing    125
Strawberry    21
Strawberry, Tri-Star    4
Tomato, beefsteak    24
Tomato, Bonny Best    24
Tomato, Bush Champion 11    20
Tomato, Celebrity     18
Tomato, Comstock    16
Tomato, Early Girl    18
Tomato, Juliet     20
Tomato, La Roma 111    30
Tomato, Old German    14
Tomato, Oregon Spring    18
Tomato, Sungold    20
Tomato, Super Sweet 100    30

Arugula        8
Bell pepper
Horse radish, Armoracia rusticana    1
Kale, Blue Culty
Okra, Candle Fire F1    ?
Okra, Jambalaya F1    ?
Squash, Delicata
Squash, Yellow Summer


Chives   >5
Horseradish        3
Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis  >10
Mint      ( spearmint, unknown mint, cat mint) >6
Oregano              >25
Parsley >22
Rosemary starts       7
Salad Burnet      3
Tarragon              2

Bishops Close, yellow flower    4
Cactus    4
Hops    20
Jade plant    5
Roses  >5
Mother-in law tongue
Rhubarb    17


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