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Spring & Summer food preservation classes from WSU

Are you ready to can, or freeze or dehydrate all that good spring and summer food?  Need a refresher class?  Or a newbie just starting out?  Want to become a master preserver?  Have extra fish or game to preserve?

The WSU extension is offering classes in a wide ranges preserving methods to help.  Take one, take an entire series – your choice!

Canning fruits, sauces, pie fillings, jams, and jellies;  pickling fruits and vegetables; fermenting vegetables and yogurt; canning tomatoes and salsas; dehydrating fruits and vegetables; pressure canning vegetables, beans, soups and meats; preserving wild game; become a master preserver.

Registration required.

Most classes cost $15; take a series and get a discount.  Classes take place at the Heritage Farm site:  1919 Northeast 78th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665, USA.

Have a food preservation or food safety question?  Call the WSU hotline: 360-397-6060 ext. 5366, Monday thru Friday.

More Info:  Phone:360-397-6060 ext 0


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[Image:  WSU Extension website]



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