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Ft. Vancouver Rose Society Rose Auction – March 3, 2022, doors open 6:30pm

The Ft. Vancouver Rose Society is planning to hold their annual Rose Auction (sale) on MARCH 3, 2022.   DOORS OPEN AT 6:30pm. Cash or checks accepted.

It will be at the Parish Hall at ST. Luke’s-San Lucas Episcopal Church, 426 E. Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98663.
They are very excited to be able to have the auction THIS YEAR and hope you can join them. For more information, please check their website here, especially for the LIST OF PLANTS TO BE AUCTIONED!
This is NOT a Garden Club event, but, a Ft. Vancouver Rose Society event, so, please contact them, not us, for further questions. We just think it is a great event that you might want to attend, too!
“The first FVRS meeting of 2022 was held Thursday, February 3. The next meeting of the Fort Vancouver Rose Society will be Thursday, March 3, 2022 and will be our ROSE AUCTION. Members are welcomed to donate roses for the sale and all members and the public are welcomed to attend and bid on the beautiful roses put up for bid.”


Ancient Mariner S (David Austin), mid-pink, myrrh fragrance; no rating
Barbra Streisand H.T., mauve, 7.1
Black Magic H.T., red, 8.1
Chantilly Cream H.T. yellow (very sweet fragrance); no rating
Crescendo H.T., pink blend, 7.8
Desdemona H.T. or S, white, full, 7.9
Forever Amber F., toffee and apricot blend; no rating, new rose
Fragrant Cloud H.T., orange red, 8.1
Joey’s Palace F., apricot bend, 7.3
Loving Mom H.T., apricot blend, 7.4
Magic Lantern H.T., orange blend, 7.8
Meredith H.T., pink, 7.5
Moonstone H.T., white, 8.3
Pristine H.T., white, 8.4
Pop Art G., orange blend, (striped rose); no rating, new rose
Randy Scott H.T., white, 7.9
Ring of Fire H.T., orange blend, 8.3
Schwarze Madonna H.T., deep red, 8.1
(Two) Solitaire H.T., yellow blend (could not find a rating, but Louis loves this rose!)
Sunny Sky H.T., medium yellow, 7.7
Sweet Madame Blue F., lavender blend, magenta center; no rating, new rose
Tropicana H.T., orange red, 7.6
Gizmo Mini, orange blend, 8.0
Midnight Fire Mini, orange with purple overlay; no rating, new rose
Minnie Pearl Mini, pink blend, 8.8
(Two)Seattle Sunrise M.F., apricot blend, 7.8
Smoke Rings Mini, orange blend, 7.5
Soaring Spirits C., pink blend, 7.9
[Image:  Ft. Vancouver Rose Society]

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