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Dahlia Tuber’s Now Available – Evelyn’s Garden – Online Store Opened Mar 1, 2022


Today is the day… The dahlia tubers are here!
✨💐 There are 79 varieties this year. Shop as early as you can to be sure you get your favorite varieties! Thank you for your constant support of my dahlia farm!
Link in bio 🌱✨💐
Just some of the varieties:
1- ‘Tiny Treasure’
2- ‘Penhill Watermelon’
3- ‘Ferncliff Inspiration’
4- ‘Dad’s Favorite’
5- ‘Nuit d’ete’
6- ‘Bluetiful’
7- ‘White Mystery Mix’
8- ‘Valley Porcupine’
9- ‘Shilo Jazz’
And many more!  (Check out the store on the website for more info.)
WEBSITE:    https://www.gardensbyevelyn.com/    (Select “SHOP”)
The Garden Club is NOT hosting this sale, but, we figure if you love Dahlias like some of us do, its a great local way to buy lovely Dahlias.
[Image:  Evelyn’s Garden website”

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