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Blueberry pruning workshop – in person – WSU Master Gardeners – Feb 12 10am-noon

The WSU Clark County Master Gardeners are having a two-part BLUEBERRY PRUNING workshop – the first part is viewing “a video at home” and the second part is attending “in person training” Feb 12, 2022, 10am-noon!

$5 and pre-registration required.  Social distancing, masks and a short hike involved for the in person training.

(This is NOT a garden club activity – we are just sharing.)

For more info and to pre-register check out their website info or on their Facebook page – links to both below.

FACEBOOK – look for the blueberry pix:

[Image:  WSU Clark County Master Gardeners]


Blueberry Pruning Workshop, Hands-On, In-Person


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