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HINT #6: Dry spring weather – might need to water your plants!

Weather forecasters are indicating this may be the driest April recorded in the Portland Vancouver metro area in over 100 years. Some plants are VERY thirsty right now after an exceptionally dry winter and spring and few of the heavy, steady rains we usually see.  Even some of our native plants could use a “drink”.

If you can, water on days when it is overcast or actually raining.  If you do this, more of the water you apply will have a chance to seep into the soil where the plants may access it rather than evaporating back into the sky.

Adequate water is especially important for perennials, trees and plants you may have put in the ground in the last year or two while they are establishing good root systems. Don’t forget your summer annuals and your potted plants either.

You may even find birds, squirrels, reptiles and bigger mammals show up in your garden when you start your sprinklers.  If you do, you might wish to put out some containers with fresh water for them, too.


[Photo:  B.R.]


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