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Congratulations, 2018-19 Grant Recipients!

The “Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal” is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018-19 Philanthropic Grants:

  • Helen Baller Elementary School, Camas School District,  “Pollinator Garden”. The school will be expanding their already existing gardens to include a specialty garden designed to attract pollinators – bees, butterflies, and birds!  It is still a little early to get started due to this spring’s very wet weather, but, here is a picture where the pollinator plants will be planted.
  • Washougal High School, Washougal School District, will be adding to the existing collection of their school Library with the purchase of additional Gardening Books.
  • Washougal/Excelsior High School, Washougal School District, “Garden to Table”.   This is a collaborative effort which includes culinary arts, job training and the “garden to table” program.  This project team will build eight raised garden beds, fill them with quality compost, then plant with a variety of vegetable and herb “starts”. The gardens will be tended by students throughout the season who will then harvest, prepare, cook, process and/or can it.

    [Image:  picture of location Helen Baller Elementary School’s “Pollinator Garden” will go. Helen Baller Community Garden.]


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