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Floral Arrangement Pix from November 14, 2018 General Meeting!

Here are just a few of the many many floral arrangements Garden Club members and some guests made from the materials they gathered from their fall gardens this year including: pumpkins, leaves, rose hips, Grasses, oats, wheat, salal, lavender, mums (many other flower heads), Queen Anne’s lace, Autumn Joy sedum, teasel, bay leaves, silver dollars, etc.!!!

Members and guests spread their materials on two huge tarps and everyone made different arrangements from the massive collection!

(And Karen B., club member extraordinaire, gave wonderful tips, guidance and help!)

The Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal has its NEXT meeting  January 23, 2019 from 1pm-3pm. Our guest speaker will be Scott Buley, from Rain Garden Nursery; his topic is “Rain Garden Design”.

Members of the public are welcome to come listen to all speakers for free!  (But, anyone may join for just $12/yr.)

For more info on the club please check out:

Website:  GardenClubOfCamasWashougal.org

Facebook:  Garden Club of Camas/Washougal

Hope to see you NEXT YEAR!

[Photos: J.W., G.P., B.R., L.B., M.M. and anon]



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