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FREE Lasagna Gardening Class – June 3, Saturday, 10am-noon

The Master Composter/Recyclers (MCR) of Clark County, WA, are holding a FREE class on how to make a raised bed in the “Lasagna Gardening” style.

When:  June 3, 10am-noon
Where: CASEE Center & adjacent Compost Demo Site @ Wildlife Botanical Gardens, Brush Prairie.
Why:  fast, cheap, quick and effective raised bed ready to plant in 1 hour!

Raised beds extend your growing season because they warm up and dry out more quickly in spring.  They are especially effective to rapidly improve the heavy clay soil that is common in our region, but work over any soil type.

The first hour is in a class room; the second hour is “hands on” where you and your classmates actually assemble and then plant a lasagna bed.

For more info and to pre-register:



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