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Oct 22 Club Meeting – speaker – Dave Doolittle of Petal Heads

PetalHeads_163hLight desserts & cider being served at this meeting (in addition to the usual tea & coffee)!  The speaker at our October monthly general club meeting will be Dave Doolittle of Petalheads.  Dave will be speaking about plant breeding and what’s new in the plant world based on his years of working for TerraNova wholesale nursery.

For more information: http://www.portlandpetalheads.com.

Fall Digs:

Don’t forget – we’re potting up plants this fall for our big plant sale fund raiser next May – we call these activities “Digs”.  Be sure to contact the Plant Sale team leaders if you wish to have a “dig” in your garden or help someone else in their garden.  Most of the work is actually putting the plants in the pots and labeling ’em, not actually digging.  🙂

Need Pots/Have Pots?

If you need pots, there will be some at the monthly meeting.  If you HAVE pots to share, bring yours to the meeting or call a Plant Sale team lead to transfer ’em sooner.

Field Trips:

The field trips aren’t over!  Some great ones coming up.  Lost your info?  Contact the Field Trip organizers to get new copies.  (They are listed in your “Who to Go to” document.)

Monthly Meeting Hospitality:

We are still shy a couple of volunteers to help host our meetings during the rest of the year.  Its easy and a great way to meet other members.  Go as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.  Contact the hospitality lead to volunteer.

[Image:  PetalHeads website]


One thought on “Oct 22 Club Meeting – speaker – Dave Doolittle of Petal Heads

  1. Oh, wow! Dave brought wonderful SAMPLES of the plants he described and we had a little “plant sale” right at the meeting. What fun and beautiful plants. We’re all waiting to see how the “deer kryptonite” plant works out in our gardens, too!

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