Community Garden / Gardening

List of locations of Community Garden Plots in Clark County, WA, USA!

Where are some public community gardens (rent a plot) in Clark County, Washington state, USA?

Sizes, prices and locations vary.

Camas, WA:  there are two: Benton Park, near Drake & 15th Av. & near the southwest corner of 5th Ave & Garfield.  Contact the Camas City Parks and Rec department for more info.   360.834.530, WEBSITE: 

Washougal, WA: One at 2036 Main Street, Washougal.  Contact the city of Washougal for more info.  (pictured) WEBSITE:

City of Vancouver, WA Community Gardens – multiple sites and locations.  WEBSITE:

Clark County Community gardens. Two locations:  19 plots at NE 18th St & NE 172nd Ave, Vancouver AND 84 plots at the Heritage Farm site at 1919 NE 78th Street, Vancouver.  Website:    

Ridgefield, WA Community Garden.  Located S. 5th Avenue, at the east end of Sargent St in downtown Ridgefield.  WEBSITE:

Know of others?  Let us know and we’ll add ’em to our list!   (Just added Ridgefield!  Thank you K.B.!

[Photo: of Washougal community gardens by M.W.]



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