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PASSED – Garden Club’s Plant Sale List! (May 14, 9am-2pm)

This event has passed.

2022 Plant Sale List

May 14, 2022, 9am-2pm, get top-quality plants at incredibly low prices at the Annual Plant Sale of the “Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal” (CGCCW).
    On May 14, head to the Zion Lutheran Church, 824 NE 4th Ave., Camas, WA. (Right across from Camas Safeway grocery store.) There is plenty of free parking in the church parking lot and adjacent streets. Indoor shopping.  Check or cash only.
    The plants—coming straight from club member’s gardens  — are nurtured in quality potting soil, and cost a fraction of what you would pay retail.
    If you have questions about how to care for your new plants, we will have expert gardeners on hand to help you.
    CGCCW is a non-profit 501c(4) organization and focuses Plant Sale proceeds towards promoting and supporting local gardening education projects and grants. We welcome new members and you may join at the Plant Sale, if you like!
     These are the plants we expect to have available May 14th. But, with the erratic weather we’ve had this spring, gardening has been a “bit” of a challenge and some plants might not make the cut for the sale. (Though we hope they all will!)

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2022 Plant Sale Plant List
Artemesia lactiflora
Aster, tall type, red raspberry color
Azalea, white, fragrant (old variety, azalea lace bug doesn’t bother it much)
Basil, Genovese
Beach Daisy
Bearded Iris – white/purple
Bear’s Breeches, green
Bee Balm, lavender
Black mondo grass
Blackberry, Thornless, Triple Crown
Bleeding Heart, Dicentra formosa, native
Bluebells, Spanish
Butterfly Weed
Camas lily
Camas, Great
Camas, quamash
Canterbury Bells
Cardiocrinum giganteum, Giant Himalayan Lily
Chrysanthemum, yellow cushion
Clivia (houseplant) – sorry, not available this year!
Clover, purple
Columbine, white
Daylily, Stella de Oro
Delphinium Blue
Deutzia Dwarf Pink
Dierama Angels Fishing Rod, Album
Dierama Angels Fishing Rod, Dark Cerise
Dracunculus, Voodoo Lily
Dwarf Solomon Seal
English Daisy
Fennel, Bronze
Fern, Himalayan Maidenhair
Fern, Rabbits Foot (indoor)
Fern, Western Sword Polystichum munitum, native
Foxglove, Rusty, Digitalis ferroginea
Fuchsia, white & pink, hanging basket
Geranium starts ( reds, oranges, pinks & crocodile Pelargoniums
Geranium, hardy
Geum, orange, orangey-red
Gladiolus dalenii, Bolivian Peach
Hellebores, white, pink and purple singles
Heuchera, Snow Angel
Himalayan maidenhair fern
Hostas, dwarf
Hostas, variegated leaf
Hydrangea, Annabelle
Hydrangea, Blue mop head
Hydrangea, Lime
Iris pallida Aurea Variegata, Golden Variegated
Iris, German
Iris, Japanese, Cry of Rejoice
Iris, Japanese, lavendar with purple veins
Iris, Japanese, Lion King
Iris, Japanese, white
Iris, short
Iris, Siberian, Blue
Iris, Siberian, White
Jacob’s Ladder
Jade plant
Japanese Forest Grass
Japanese Maple, various sizes
Jerusalem Sage, Phlomis
Joe Pye Weed, variegated
Kniphofia, bright orange
Ladies Mantle
Ledebouria socialis (houseplant)
Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis
Lilac, deep purple
Lilac, Glory
Lilac, white
Lily of the Valley
Lily, Asiatic
Lily, Asiatic, Forever Susan
Lobelia, red
Lungwort, Pulmonaria
Lupine, little leaf native
Maple Tree 4′ tall
Meadow Rue
Mediterranean Bells
Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light
Monarda, Bee Balm Red
Mondarda, pink
Monkshood, Aconitum
Nine Bark
Northern Sea Oats, grass
Oregano, Golden
Oriental Poppy
Penstemon Dark Towers
Peony, white or pink
Persecaria, Painter’s Palette
Phlox, pink
Phlox, reddish raspberry color
Phlox, tall
Phlox, white
Pitcher plants
Podophyllum pleianthum
Poppy, Oriental
Pulmonaria – lung wort
Red flowering current (native)
Rodgersia, Bronze Peacock
Saxifraga, London Pride
Scabiosa Daisy
Sedum, Autumn Joy
Sedum, burgundy color leaf
Shast Daisy Old Court
Shasta Daisy
Shasta Daisy, Real Galaxy
Smoke tree
Solomon Seal
Spider plant (indoor)
Spirea, Semi-false
Strawberry begonia
Summersweet, Vanilla Spice
Sword fern (native)
Toad Lily
Turtle’s head – chelone
Verbena, tall, white
Veronica, pink
Violets (viola)
Wasabi (Daruma)
Western azalea
Tomatoes: Delicious, Roma, Beef Steak, Cherry
Tomatoes: Sandwich, Bush Goliath, Sungold, Cherokee Carbon, Maja, Jetsetter, Juliet, Early Goliat, Dagmar’s Perfection, Grandma Mary’s Paste, Livingston’s Paragon
6-pak flower starts: marigolds, zinnias, etc.

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