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MORE Local Nurseries OPEN for Business!

Oh my!  Here are even MORE local nurseries right here in Clark County, that are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and eager to help you with your yard and garden needs!

(Thank you to the many folks who told us about even more local nurseries!)

Be sure you check each store for their hours and if you need an appointment – don’t just “show up”!

Know of other nurseries in Clark County? Let us know so we can share –

Updated:  April 26, 2021.

Jacki’s Heirloom Garden, 21206 NW 39th Ave.
Ridgefield, WA, FACEBOOK:

Hayes Family Growers, 3004 NE 182 AV VANCOUVER WA,

Yard N’ Garden Land, 1501 NE 102nd St., Vancouver, WA,

Arai Nursery, 28910 NE 33rd St., Camas, WA,

Chapman’s Greenhouse and Nursery, 14002 NE 117th Ave., Vancouver, WA,

Grown in Camas, 3547 N.E. Everett St., Camas, WA,



3 thoughts on “MORE Local Nurseries OPEN for Business!

  1. Any idea if any have heirloom seeds? Im looking for Hidatsa shield pole bean seeds. The big retail companies dont carry and i dont want to order and pay high shipping from an online company.

    • Sadly, we have had to cancel our annual spring plant sale. We do not sell seeds. Territorial Seed Company (Cottage Grove, OR),, sell some seeds by mail, and also have retail outlets in some areas, as well. In the past Tsugawa Nursery in Woodland, WA, has carried a variety of seeds from Territorial. You may wish to check with them to see if they have any seeds this year. Sorry for the delay in response; since we canceled all our activities for the spring/summer, we have not monitored our email and website as carefully as we usually do. All the best and have a nice summer!

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