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Eve & Erik’s Plant Sale – this event has passed

Plants for sale by Eve & Erik!  A few days still left for their sale.  (Re-posted from Eve Hanlin’s Facebook post, May 18, 2029.)



Hey local plant friends! I’m super excited to announce a spontaneous plant sale! Erik and I started a bunch of old seeds, not expecting them all to germinate…They all did. So, we went with it. Why not try a plant sale? We now have around 1500 vegetable starts to sell, and are excited to be able to put some extra plant happiness into the world this spring.
We have a safe system set up:
Place an order online to secure your plants, and schedule a time to pick them up. We’ll have your order ready to go so all you have to do is put them in your car. Pick up is at the Hanlin Family Farm in Battle Ground, WA.

Sale Includes:
-Swiss Chard
-Dahlia Tubers
-Pottery Succulent Planters

Plant sale dates, so far:
Friday May 15th
Saturday May 16th
Sunday May 17th
Friday May 22nd
Saturday May 23rd
Sunday May 24th

ALSO, included in this plant sale is a greenhouse clean out sale!! Imperfect plants for great prices!
I am selling plants from my greenhouse that have long been in need of a loving and permanent home. Some look great! Some are root bound, blemished, small, weedy, or just in need a little love (not unlike most of us these days). All of them are very cheap!

We’re asking for $25 minimum orders to reduce traffic at the farm.
If you can get together with friends to order (and drop plants off on their front porch on your way home) that is even better!

We hope to bring some plant happiness and additional access to fresh vegetables to Clark County.

[Image & Article reposted from Eve’s Facebook post]


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