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March 27th Speaker – Vern Schanilec on best PNW trees & shrubs!

Join the “Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal” on March 27, 2019 to hear Guest Speaker and fellow member, Vern Schanilec, speak on the best Pacific Northwest shrubs & trees under 30 feet.

Vern will discuss both, “Is there life after arborvitae?” and “Evergreens for your garden.” Specimen selection will be covered relating to a Pacific Northwest garden, including form, texture, balance, focus, color, soils, and sun/shade needs

Formerly a pharmacist, Vern is also a Master Gardener who has taught numerous workshops, held garden design events and is also a self-published author of four gardening-related books: “Pretty But Don’t Touch or Eat” (about harmful plants), “Plants of the Bible”, “Plants I Would Grow in the Pacific Northwest”, and “Dry Bones Around Us” (about fossils).

The CGCCW meeting starts at 1pm, with Vern’s presentation beginning around 1:30pm.  All speaker presentations are free and open to the public.

For more information:

Speakers are subject to change, though we try to keep info updated.

[Image: FS]


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