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HINT #4 – U-Pick farms in our area – what they sell and how to find ’em!

(We’re “recycling” a past hint, ’cause its still a good one every summer!)

Did you know there are places in Clark County (and in the surrounding the Portland/Vancouver area) where you can pick your own (also called U-Pick) fresh fruits and vegetables at the farm yourself? YES!

Some farms offer both U-pick or They-pick produce.  (They-pick will cost a bit more.)

Not all farms are open year round.  Many are only open for the duration of the crop(s) they sell, and once that season is over, they may close up until a different crop is ready,  or even until the next year.

So, be sure you call ahead, or if they have a website or Facebook page, check that they are open, what their hours are and do they have the produce of interest available, before you drive.  Ask if they provide containers for your “u-pick” items or if you should bring your own.  Some farms leave a recorded message on their phones with info, too.  They generally charge by the pound or by volume.

Some farms have year-round farm stands, too, and sell frozen, canned, or dried produce during the “off season”, too!

If you take your kids, make sure you keep good track of them when you visit a farm. Some farms are large and have ginormous machinery working on them, though most farms are kid-friendly and have fencing and helpful signage.  🙂

You can search for farms in the USA and other countries by using a useful free tool called ““.

Select our state (Washington State), then our area (Southwest Washington State) and scroll through.  Or, choose counties directly south of us in Oregon and find even more U-Picks!

Below is a short, incomplete list, of just a few of the U-pick farms in our general area.

Joe’s Place Farms, 701 NE 112th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684.  Fruits, vegetables, fire wood, honey, pumpkin patch, etc.

Majestic Farms, 18500 North East 182nd Avenue, Brush Prairie, WA 98606.  Blueberries.  Facebook:

Sauvie Island Farms, 19818 NW Sauvie Island Road Portland, OR 97231.  Berries, fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs.

Velvet Acres Gardens, 18905 NE 83rd St, Vancouver, WA 98682.   Vegetables, hanging baskets, pumpkin patch, etc.

Other ways to find U-pick locations:

  1.   Ask your friends and neighbors.
  2.   Keep an eye out along the roads you drive in spring/summer; many farms simply put a sign along the road!
  3.   Local newspapers and nickel ads!
  4.   Craigslist.

Have fun and enjoy the fresh bounty of our local farms!

[Photo: B.T.]



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