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Hardy Geraniums – Cranesbills (Garden Club)

Hardy Geramiums_SG

One of the hardworking perennials available at our Plant Sale.

This mounding perennial makes the most out of poor soil, is easy to grow (once established} and is deer and rabbit resistant.  Butterflies love it!  It likes sun, and good drainage, but will tolerant part shade.  Beware, though, it spread by stolons and may outgrow its space, but is easily tamed.  There are over 300 cultivars that flower in shades of bright pink to blue to violet with shades  in between.



3 thoughts on “Hardy Geraniums – Cranesbills (Garden Club)

  1. Would any members of the club be interested in letting a college student (WSU-V) use their garden for a science project? My name’s Chris Allen and I’ve lived in the Camas-Washougal area since I was in the 2nd grade. I’ve been studying native bees in urban areas since 2016 and I could use some help. I need study sites for my research project this summer and I was wondering if anyone from the club would let me use their garden? If anyone is interested I would be more than happy to provide you with more specifics about the project.

    • Chris, so very sorry we missed your email from back in June of last year. The club does not actually have a garden, though many of its members do as you correctly guessed. If you are still looking for sites to include in your studies this year, please do email us (we WILL be checking this email more frequently) and we will be happy to set up a discussion and see if any members would be willing to share their garden with you. – Garden Club Webmaster 27Jan2019

    • Chris, we are so very sorry to be so slow to respond to your request; we simply missed spotting your note. Our club does not actually have a garden site of its own. We meet in a public building for our meetings about 9 times a year. Members have their own gardens and we visit other gardens as some of our club’s activities and sometimes assist in sprucing up public areas. If you are still working on such a project, we would be happy to share your request with the members to see if there is an interest in assisting you. Sincerely – Garden Club WebMaster

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