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Book review: The Humane Gardener, by Nancy Lawson

From one of our club members:

“I just read a wonderful book about gardening for yourself AND wildlife, both flora and fauna, called ‘The Humane Gardener, nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife’ by Nancy Lawson.

If you haven’t (or even if you have) tried to make your garden wildlife friendly, it is a great introduction to a way of thinking about your garden as a shared living space including those who don’t happen to live inside your house, too.

It highlights different gardeners, some who farm commercially, who have successfully adopted this new way of “thinking” about the plants and animals around us, while still enjoying planting that (non-native) rose, strawberry, apple tree, or other favorite.

The Pacific Northwest garden highlighted is across the river in Portland! The book is filled with lovely pictures and stories. (Available at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library and bookstores, too.)”

If you’re interested in following Ms. Lawson’s blog, you can do so here:


Review by B.R.


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