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Feb 22 @ 1pm – “Garden Tales”

hatthatbirdliked-credit_325h The topic of the 1pm February 22 CGCofCW meeting will be something very different  – “Garden Tales”!

Every gardener, new or experienced, young or old, has trod their own special path on the way to becoming a gardener.  And along the way each has experienced marvelous successes,   sometimes funny failures and absolute surprises.

Comes hear and share a variety of “Garden Tales” with club members in the Garden Club.  The bird that decided to nest in a favorite hat.  The first time pruning that went awry.  Clay gardening made possible. Sharing spaces with non-gardeners.  And more!

Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be served.

Membership to the club is open to all.  The public is invited to attend speaker presentations for free.

For more information about the Community Garden Club of Camas Washougal, check out our website and facebook page:


[Image:  J.Norris]


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