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Mar 23 Speaker – The Soil Food Web – Joan Veatch

JunglyGarden_TB_JPEG_325hJoin us March 23, 1pm, for our guest speaker, Joan Veatch.  Her topic:  The Soil Food Web.

“I have always enjoyed playing in the dirt and watching things grow. I am not a gardening ‘expert’, but I do consider myself to be a ‘lifetime learner’.  My enjoyment of gardening and learning, led me to enroll in the Master Gardener training class in 2007, and the Master Composter/Recycler training 2008.

“Before I took the Master Gardener class, my efforts at vegetable gardening were often very disappointing. After several years of reading and trying different techniques, we grow a large percentage of the vegetables we eat in the late spring, summer and fall.

“The past few years, I have been studying the importance of the soil microbes, bugs and worms that make up the Soil Food Web. I have been learning how organic gardening practices and composting are vital to building healthy soil that will nourish healthy plants which, in turn, support us.

“I love to share what I’ve been learning with other gardeners and potential gardeners.”

Joan Veach 2014 IMG_2409_325hAs always, meetings take place in the Camas Community Center, 1718 SE 7th Ave., Camas, WA 98607.  (NOTE:  this is NOT the new center near Lacamas Lake, but, the old center near the Columbia River.)

Coffee, tea and desserts served.  All general meetings are open and free to the public.

[Image of verdant garden from Club field trip: BR]

[Image Joan Veatch]


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