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Fall Gardening Tips for the Pacific NorthWest

RainOctober2015_325hAh, its finally cooling off after our long and unusually hot and dry summer.  Here are some tips from two of our long time Pacific Northwest garden club members you might find very helpful in your garden.

  1.  Watering still needed! Be sure to check the moisture content in the soil around the plants growing in your home yard and garden. The past hot summer left most home yards with soil completely dry.  The little amount of rain fall in our area over the past month does not begin to compensate for the amount of moisture needed by trees, bushes and shrubs to last the winter.  Plants protected by home overhangs are especially in jeopardy of die back and complete loss of life without an adequate water supply.  If your soil is dry do not wait for the winter rain – water now.  [1 tip by NL Benthin, Garden Chatter.]

2.  Plant spring flowering bulbs. Van Engelen Inc. and John Scheepers are both reliable sources for bulbs. I have ordered from both. Try planting some tulips that will return year after year like:
Darwin Hybrids (Plant in a sunny spot with good drainage).
Kaufmanniana tulips: (Naturalize for years if left undisturbed).
Fosteriana Tulips: (Huge flowers in bright colors, likely will return each year).
3.  Sow annual and perennial seeds for early bloom next spring (bachelor’s button, calendula, California poppy, candytuft, larkspur, and stock). Calendula reseeds in my garden every year.
4.  Sow wildflower seeds by broadcasting them, scratch with a rake and cover with a light layer of organic mulch.
5.  Plant or transplant evergreen trees or shrubs.
6.  Plant cane berries or strawberries.
7.  Plant or transplant ground covers.
8.  Dig and divide perennials.
[2-8 tips by Marian N.]

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