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Saturday – May 16 – 9am-3pm – PLANT SALE – Camas, WA

Barb_QuickNDirtyPlantSaleFlyer_2015_325hThis is IT!  Our annual PLANT SALE!

From an empty basement in the morning, to a room FULL of thousands of plants, waiting for YOU!

All shopping indoorsMaster Gardeners available to answer your questions – assistance loading & unloading – herbs, tomatoes, natives, berries, lilies, annuals, perennials, geraniums, hostas, rhubarb, iris, tomatillos, chives, sage, oregano, ferns, succulents, etc.

Check out our pictures of what’s available (below)!

Where:  Basement of Camas United Methodist Church,   706 NE 14th Ave., Camas, WA.

Google Map Location:

From empty….to FULL in pictures!

ReadyForPlants_325hAnnuals&Geraniums_325h Arbor_325h Berries_325h HangingBasket&DoorPrizes_325 Herbs_325h HoldingArea1_325h HoldingArea2_325h Hostas_325h Iris_Tomatoes_Perennials_Aisles_325h Lilies_325h Natives_325h PackedWithPlants_325h Succulents_325h Sun_Perennials_325h WagonsQueueUp_325h WeveGotTomaotes_325h













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