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April 22 – Club Meeting – Plant Sale Preparation!

Pricing_325hDuring our April general club meeting, we’ll be doing our final preparation & planning for our annual PLANT SALE on May 16, 9am-3pm.

This will be a very informative meeting and essential for new members who haven’t helped at a plant sale before and old members, too – there is always something new each year as we streamline and refine our processes – what works remains, what doesn’t gets changed.

The Plant Sale team leaders will provide us all guidance.  Please remember – there is no question that is too dumb – this is the meeting to get your questions answered so we’re all on the same page!  🙂

This will be Garden Club Members’ last opportunity to sign up for various jobs (at a general meeting) before the Plant sale takes place May 16. Note, you can still call or email Plant Sale team leaders with other questions or to sign up, of course.

Don’t forget to bring your list of any plants you will be donating to the sale, too.  If you have pix of your plants and info on them, bring that, too, so we can make sure it is available the day of the sale.

As always, there will be light refreshments.

[Photo:  BR]




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