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Growing Tomatoes & Pruning Fruit Trees – Feb 25th Speaker

garden August 001_325hFeatured Speaker:

“Growing Tomatoes & Pruning Fruit Trees” is this month’s topic,  brought to you by club member Nancy Benthin.  Nancy has many years of successful growing in the Pacific Northwest she’s happy to share.  Bring your questions!

May 16 Plant Sale Preparation:

Now is the time to start thinking about starting seeds for our Plant Sale on May 16.  The Plant Sale team is also organizing “digs” at member’s homes.

Starting Seeds, Pots, Soil, etc.:

Check the dates of any seeds you’re planting – quite a few of them should be started in the next 2-4 weeks.  If you’re not sure when to start your seeds to time them for the sale, contact the Plant Sale team, or bring your questions to the February general meeting for help.

Do you have spare pots to share?  Please bring them to the meeting to share back out with others.  We’re looking for “pony packs” and “multi-packs”, too, this year.

Do you need pots, seeds or soil?  The Plant Sale team will have those available at the general meeting, too.

Strawberry starts were a big hit last year.  So, if you have some strawberry plants sending out “runners” this year, please pot those up.


The Plant Sale team is organizing “digs”.  What a dig involves is groups of members help out at each others homes to “pot up” a lot of plants, or even seeds, quickly.  Its a bit like an “assembly line” for quickly potting up a lot of plants or seeds.

The “jobs” include:  digging the plants, unloading/moving potting mix, putting plants/seeds in the pots, watering them, re-locating them to their “grow” destination, and writing up and inserting labels in the pots.  Dress for the weather, bring your own hand tool/shovel, and prepare to have fun.

If you want to “host” a dig, or help at one, simply contact one of the Plant Sale team and they’ll help you set it up. If you want to help out, keep an eye out in your email or contact the Plant Sale team directly for the next “dig” scheduled.

Pictures of Plants:

Do you have digital pictures of the plants you are donating to the Plant Sale?  Please email them to the Plant Sale team with as much information about the pictured plant as you have.  Our customers love knowing what the plants will “grow up” to look like.

[Tomato plant image:  M.N.]



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