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After 6 decades of service – Battle Ground Garden Club disbands

BattleGroundGardenClubPhotoWe have some sad news to report about one of the other longstanding garden clubs in the Clark County (WA state) area – they have disbanded their club.

Established in 1948, the Battle Ground Garden Club has provided education and services to the Battle Ground, WA community for many years.  But, even in the act of disbanding, they have again given to their community by donating all remaining funds:  some for a bench in the city’s Kiwanis Park and the remainder to the Veteran’s Memorial Project.

We applaud the B.G. Garden Club club members for all their past service, and although it is a bit of a drive, we invite them to come and join our Garden Club.  🙂

[Photo:  Garden Club & City of Battle Ground handout]


2 thoughts on “After 6 decades of service – Battle Ground Garden Club disbands

  1. The B.G. garden club really has quite an extensive history of community service. When “googling” through the various newspaper and other articles on them, I was impressed by their activities. I’m sure they will be missed by the community a great deal. – Barb

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