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Pumpkin Trifle Dessert Recipe

Pumpkin Trifle DessertOne of our members brought this wonderful dessert to our October General Club Meeting.  The recipe was given to her by a friend, and now, she is sharing it to us after popular demand.  🙂

(By the way, we decided not to post a picture of the one we actually ate because by the time we went to take a picture, it had lost its beautiful looks after the many serving spoon “attacks”.  It had become, well, rather sloppy, so here is a stand-in photo from another party that served it, as well!)


Pre-chill 2 bowls in the freezer. Prepare ingredients for the FIVE  kinds of layers.
1)  1 bag ginger snaps [~1 lb] LAYER:
Process until ground up.  Pour a little less than 1/2 into the bottom of a straight sided round glass bowl.  Set the rest (of the ground ginger snaps) aside for later use.
2)   4—6 oz bag chopped pecans LAYER:
Sprinkle ~1/2 over  gingersnap layer.
** 2 packs cream cheese
** 1 pack instant pudding w/ white color(cheese cake or white chocolate or vanilla flavor)
**  1 cup milk
**  1 tsp. vanilla
Blend above four ingredients, adding more milk until smooth and spreadable. Put into another chilled bowl.  Spread ~1/2 of this mixture over gingersnap/pecan layer.
** 2 packs instant butterscotch pudding
** 1 large can pumpkin pie filling
** 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
** 2 c milk
Beat above 4 ingredients together in another large chilled bowl.  Spread 1/2 over the white layer.
REPEAT with this sequence of layering:
Gingersnaps, most but not all of pecans, white layer, pumpkin layer.
5)  Then, for the TOPMOST LAYER:
**  Small container of Cool Whip
Smooth the cool whip over top pumpkin layer, then sprinkle pumpkin pie spice and remaining nuts on top of Cool Whip. 

Chill or serve immediately.

[Photo:  Garden Club Member]

P.S.  You could probably substitute Whipped Cream for Cool Whip if you make it fairly stiff.  Other nuts could be substituted, as well.


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