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Caring for our friends the Bees

Bee in garden August 2013At this time of year, it seems that every ad promotes the sale of RoundUp. When they particularly mention dandelions, we should be worried. While bees like all sorts of flowers they seem to like dandelions a lot and dandelions are in flower all summer.
This concern led me to call my Green Man, Thom McConathy (who spoke to us – at the Garden Club – some time ago). Thom says that RoundUp itself is not the major problem; the problem is the chemical
fillers used. He says that if you are going to buy and use RoundUp, buy the concentrate and add water. That way you will be avoiding most of the potential for bee and benevolent insect harm.
When [or if ] you do spray, try to avoid weeds that are in flower, and which might therefore be attracting bees.

Better still. Learn to live with some of them.
–  Marilyn Tyrrell

[Photo: MN]

[Editor:  see our other posting “Pesticides killing bees?”]


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