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Aug 27 club meeting & potluck is at NOON (not 1pm)!


Come join us at the (old) Camas Community Center for our first meeting at the end of summer at NOON (not 1 pm).  It is a potluck!  Feel free to bring your favorite main course or side.  Board members will provide drinks & desserts.

If you want to join the club, dues are payable this month ($12) for the entire year.  Please check our “FAQs” and “About” pages for more info – it is not required to join to attend our meetings, they are open to the public.

Location and directions can be found by scrolling down  to your right.

[Photo: BR]


One thought on “Aug 27 club meeting & potluck is at NOON (not 1pm)!

  1. The annual dues are $12 / yr for those who wish to join the club. (Not $10.) But, anyone can come to the club’s general meetings – you don’t have to join the club to attend the general meetings. 🙂

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