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How do I get email notices when new posts occur?

FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL_JPEGDon’t always remember to check to see “what’s happening” on our facebook page or this web site?  You can have this web site send you an email every time a new post happens.  The email will contain a pointer back to the actual posting on the web site.  (And you can “unsubscribe” any time you want to!)
How to set up email notices:
1.  Go to the web site using your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.):
2.  Scroll down and look to the right until you see something that looks like the above picture – only on the web site without the big ARROW;  type in your email address, then click on the [Follow] button and enter a bit more info:
3.  Now go check your email. Within a few minutes you will see a message that is from “garden” and will have a [Confirm Follow] button within the message.  Press [Confirm Follow].
4.  Within a few more minutes, you’ll get a second email from “garden” telling you that you are now “subscribed to garden”.  (This message will also give you the opportunity to customize how you receive new postings [Manage Subscriptions], but, you don’t need to do anything else if you’re happy to receive one email per one posting.)  That’s it – you’re set up to “follow”.
Any time new posts are made to the web site, you will get an email message that will include the post in it.  It will include a “hot link” back to the web site in the email, too.
If you decide you DON’T want to get these emails from our website any more, you can “unscubscribe”.  The easiest way is to look in any of the emails you receive, and then “click” on the “unsubscribe” button towards the bottom of the message.  (Or if you’ve tossed them, wait for the next one, then unsubscribe using it.)
Also, you don’t have to have a wordPress logon, nor a facebook logoin to be able to use the “Follow” feature.
We don’t share your email with anyone.

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