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Deer Repellent Recipe – eggs & water!

HPIM0334.JPG6 eggs & one gallon of water!

Several members have already had some deer predation in their yards and gardens, so, this is a timely recipe to share again.

This is an effective deer repellent recipe that has been working for years here in Clark County, WA state for one of our Garden Club members!

S.L. says:

“If you let the eggs sit out on the counter for a day or two, the little white parts of the egg white will absorb a little so your sprayer won’t clog as much.  When it does clog, just unscrew the spray head and pull out the lumpy egg white and continue. Be sure to mix the eggs well, before putting them in  sprayer. Then add one gallon of water and spray.

“You need to spray anytime there’s new growth.  (Two to three times during the spring/summer season works quite well for most.) The egg will stick so you don’t need to reapply if it rains. Spray on a dry day for best results.

“I don’t spray plants when they are fruiting.  The deer won’t touch anything that’s been sprayed.

“I’ve been doing this for years. The only time the deer get something is when I haven’t sprayed new growth or it’s something that is fruiting and I haven’t sprayed it.”

DeerRepellent  [Photos: BR]



One thought on “Deer Repellent Recipe – eggs & water!

  1. I tried this on our concord grape plants, which have been decimated repeatedly this summer, and so far, no more deer assaults! Also, read other people’s recipes on internet, and appears the additional ingredients some people add – cayenne pepper and garlic juice – are not needed to be effective and could cause blindness to the deer. Apparently the rotting smell of the eggs, which is undetectable to humans in these small quantities, are a horrid smell to the deer. – Thx! B.R.

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