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More fun things TO DO in July & August

3 - Arrange in pan over wire; add small amt of water - bake 1 hour at 350F or until tender when poked w. forkJuly 26:

10am-noon. Shorty’s Garden & Home:    Learn how to pickle fruits & vegetables.   More details:

July 27:

noon – 2pm. Cloud Nine Farm Tour.  Part of WSU Clark County Extension’s Small Acreage program tours.  $10 to register: or call 397-6060 x 0.

Aug 2:

11am.  Tsugawa Nursery.  Fruit tree pruning in the summer.  For more info: or 360 225-8750.

9am – 3:30pm.  Permaculture workshop.  Certified permaculture designer and ecologist, Joseph D. Leyda, teaches one day workshop including classroom and field instruction.  Cost $55.  Registration required:

Aug 16:

10am – noon.  Shorty’s Garden & Home.  Learn how to can vegetables, meat, fish & poultry.  Pressure canning testing available.  Bring lid, dial gauge, rubber gasket or ring & safety plug.

11am.  Tsugawa Nursery.  Bonsai workshop.  $35.  For more info: or 360 225-8750




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