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Become a Composter Recycler volunteer! Applications being accepted now. (FREE)

Are you interested in joining others with a passion for sustainability to help make a difference in our community?

Sign up for the upcoming Composter Recycler volunteer training series! This NO COST training course will cover topics such as backyard composting, worm bin composting, green cleaning, food waste reduction and more. After completing the 7-week training, you will get to represent the Composter Recycler program at community events and participate in fun volunteer opportunities. 

The virtual classes will be held on Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm beginning Feb. 1st. There will also be in-person, hands-on learning opportunities. Learn more and apply here: 

More info:    -or-   564 397-7333

This is not a Garden Club program, but, we are happy to share info on this great program!  Sign up soon.  Classes begin in February, 2023.


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