UPDATE – March 25 & April 22 General Meetings CANCELLED

UPDATE:  We regret to announce that we have made the decision to CANCEL BOTH the March 25th, 1-3pm, and the April 22nd, 1-3pm  General Meetings and Speaker presentation of the “Community Garden Club of Camas/Washougal” due to the Coronavirus (aka CORVID-19) pandemic.

For now, our May general meetings and annual Plant Sale May 16th, are still scheduled to take place. However, we will be paying close attention to current events and local, state and federal health departments’ guidelines. We will post updates as soon as possible if we have any other cancellations or changes.

Our concern at this time is for our members, friends, families, our community and every person on this planet facing this pandemic.  We want to do our part to help, and right now, that appears to be best done by avoiding unnecessary gatherings.  (As much as we love them!)

DATE:  13Mar2020, updated 6:10pm


3 thoughts on “UPDATE – March 25 & April 22 General Meetings CANCELLED

  1. The plant sale is a highlight of my year. I had two ideas that could be planned ahead in case there is still covid concerns in May. 1) could the sale be organized outside this year, like under an open side awning? 2) could we have pre ordering based on the plant list? Then we would just have a drive through to pick up orders. I would prefer #1, but #2 could be good if there is active disease in the area.

  2. I apologize if this is a repeat but it appears my comments just disappeared. The plant sale is so special, it would break my heart to see it canceled. but realistically, it might be threatened by covid. Could planning begin niw for an alternate plant sale, such as holding it outdoors more spread out under awnings ? Much less issues with virus transmission in the open air. Also larger tags with plant names, which can be seen without handling the plant pot and examining the tag? I think that may be the biggest way of transmitting germs. There is often no way to read the plant tag/labels from a distance. If all gatherings are deemed unsafe at that time, Could there also be the possibility of placing orders ahead and having drive-through pick up and pay points?

  3. Debra, we so appreciate your support and your desire that we hold our annual Plant Sale as scheduled May 16th. We love the sale, too, plus we enjoy meeting and sharing with fellow gardeners. At this time, we are still hoping to have the sale, but, we must see how it goes this season. When we know, we will share what we know. Thank you for your support!

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