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“Pollinators” Charlie Vanden Heuvel, Beekeeper – 7pm, Tues Sep 4th @ CASEE HS

Pollinators help over 80% of the flowering plants on our planet reproduce.  They include a wide range of creatures, such as “ants, bats, bees, beetles, birds, butterflies, flies, moths, wasps and other unusual animals.”

Come listen to Charlie Vanden Heuvel, beekeeper, speak to the importance of just a few of the beneficial pollinators at the CASEE High School, 11104 NE, 149th St., Building B, Rooms 202/205, Brush Prairie, WA.

Sponsored by the Master Gardener Foundation of Clark CountyFREE!

For more info,

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2 thoughts on ““Pollinators” Charlie Vanden Heuvel, Beekeeper – 7pm, Tues Sep 4th @ CASEE HS

  1. I’m unable to attend but interested in the tooic. If someone goes and takes notes can you share some of the important take aways on here? Thanks in advance!

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    • This class was actually offered and taught by the “Master Gardener Foundation of Clark County”. Our club was only sharing the information on the class; we do not sponsor it. Sorry for the delay in response to your question. For additional information and updates on “what’s happening” with respect to bees and bee keeper in the Clark County, Washington area, you might wish to check and contact the local “Clark County Beekeepers Association” on their website for future classes and talks:

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