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Intro to Perennial Agriculture – Jan 20, 10am-12 – Naturescapers’ class

Presented by Eve Hanlin, Landscape Designer, Garden Mentor, and owner of Evelyn’s Garden.

[This class is sponsored by the “Naturescapers” at the CASEE building just east of the “Wildlife Botanical Gardens” at 11000 NE 149th St., Brush Prairie, WA]

“More food, less maintenance? It sounds like a vegetable gardener’s fantasy, but unique species of perennial edibles, planted effectively, can make this dream come true. Trees with edible leaves? Salad greens that regrow each year on their own, sometimes even in the snow?

Join Naturescapers and plant nerd Eve, to learn a new way of vegetable gardening; the basics of planting a “food forest”. Discover edible perennial plant species that grow well in our area and how this new agricultural movement may even save the world. Take home resources to help you learn more.”

For more information on the class and Naturescapers, check out the web site and Facebook pages of the Naturescapers:


Facebook:  “NatureScaping of SW Washington”


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